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About us

Richard and Wickham is an independent tea merchant started by one tea lover to be your friendly neighborhood tea shop wherever you are in the world!

I started Richard and Wickham when the local tea store that I had shopped at for years closed its doors and suddenly all of my favorite teas were gone.

I have made tea to start my day, relax after work and connect with friends for as long as I can remember, and I know I am not alone in losing my local tea shop and dreading going back to a bland bagged tea from a box on the grocery store.

That is why we are dedicated to bringing a great selection of delicious quality tea from farmers around the world to you, wherever you are.

Located in beautiful Victoria BC, a tea loving city that has been accused of being more British than Britain itself. We are always on the hunt for more great teas and we ship all over the world, so please, try some today.

Thank you for supporting independent business, from your fellow tea lover,

-Richard Vining (Founder)

Richard and Wickham Tea Merchants.